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About Black Tea

The most popular class of tea outside of Asia is the second most popular tea in the world.  Known as black tea, the Chinese originally referred to this as red tea or Qi Hong.  The color of tea was based on the liquor of the tea, not the leaf.  Black tea is not fermented, it is oxidized.  Complete oxidation creates this truly remarkable class of tea.  If you're a classic tea drinker, you'll want to experience our extensive selection of black loose leaf teas. 

All of FEZZIWIG'S teas are quoted "per ounce" with a 2 ounce minimum per tea varietal.

Two ounces of loose leaf tea will yield about 12 to 15 16 ounce pots or cups of tea.  Enjoy!


13248 - French Breakfast
 A FEZZIWIG'S EXCLUSIVE, A House Favorite and our #1 Selling Proprietary Tea!

Bonjour, Paris! Wake up with this alluring blend of robust black tea and rich French Vanilla. Treat yourself throughout the day. C’est magnifique!

Ingredients: Organic fair trade certified black tea leaves and a touch of French Vanilla

Price: $7.50
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