Pronounced MAH-TAY, white not a tea, Mate is often known as 
the "tea of the Jesuits" or "Brazilian Tea".  Mate is an infusion that is
drunk in South America especially in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay,
Uruguay, and Southern Brazil.  Mate is very much like caffeine in the body,
but with an extra klck.  Not recommended before bedtime.

Tea Orders of $60 or more are shipped FREE and include
your choice of a FREE sample tea - enough to make a 16oz pot of tea!

Specify your free sample tea choice in the special instructions on your ordering page.
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45891 - Citrus Mint

Maté is the most life sustaining plant on Earth which contain 15 essential vitamins and minerals!  Get your kick in the morning or stay up all night with our Citrus Maté that has easy notes of lemon and mint!

Contains Green Yerba Maté, spearmint, peppermint, lemon peels.  No additional flavoring.
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45443 - Tuscan Blood Orange Mate

Pretend, for a moment, that you are in Tuscany overlooking the gorgeous countryside sipping your invigorating blend of maté, sweet oranges and a hint of hibiscus.  Ah...that’s a great mental vacation.  Salud!

Ingredients: Green maté, apples, hibiscus, rose hips, oranges and essence.
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