Cranberry & Pear-Infused Balsamic

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PGI Certified and a sweet, dark blend of 3 and 4 Leaf Quality Balsamic Vinegar is complemented by the enchanting flavor of fresh sweet Pears and scrumptious Cranberry. The pear flavor sits quietly in the background while the cranberry dominates this delicious Balsamic. You can pair this vinegar with a wide variety of EVOOs depending upon which flavor you would like to accentuate.
Ingredients:  Grape must, aged wine vinegar, cranberry and pear flavoring.

This full flavor profile makes it an excellent choice drizzled sparingly over Spring Mix, and greens. Best with light to medium EVOO, it will complement Feta cheese, red onions, orange wedges, and cucumbers. Pre-glaze lamb, beef, pork roasts and chops to create a beautiful caramelized surface. Try it on ice cream with fresh berries, or drizzle over shaved ice as a special treat.

Imported from Modena, Italy.  Bottled at FEZZIWIG'S in O'Fallon, Illinois.

375ML/12.68 OUNCES
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