TEA 101: Tea Education and Tea Benefits

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Tuesday, February 20, 6:00-7:30pm

If you are new to enjoying premium loose leaf tea or just want to know more, this class is a must.  In fact, it is a pre-requisite for any of our advanced tea programs.  Fezziwig's own Ellen Leaf-Moore has earned the coveted Level IV Tea Educator Specialist certification from the Specialty Tea Institute.  She is one of just about 100 in the U.S. to have earned that certification.  She took it upon herself to attend a variety of STI tea education programs to gain her certification.  Learned hands-on, not over the Internet, Ellen shares her knowledge of tea, the different processing methods and the health aspects of tea.  You've probably seen brief one-minute tea segments on Dr. Oz and that's fine.  In this class, you learn much more!  Best of all, you get to taste the differences in the primary teas - black, green, oolong, pu-erh and white teas.  You learn what makes them really different and how different teas affect our bodies and minds.

Ellen has been a guest speaker at The World Tea Expo and speaks off site about tea and tea etiquette.  She is available to speak to groups.  Contact her at 618-726-2230 or via email at ellen@fezziwigsmarket.com for detals and pricing.

Guests receive a special savings on tea and tea accessory purchases following the class.
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We recommend you not use mints or chewing gum before this class so you get the true taste and smells of the various teas.
The image above is of a tea picker in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon).

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